This succinct and insightful statement, often attributed to the legendary baseball executive Branch Rickey, delves into the relationship between intentionality and serendipity. At first glance, luck might seem like a product of chance, but Rickey challenges us to see it as something more.

In the context of design, this phrase suggests that successful outcomes are not solely a result of happenstance. Instead, they are the remnants of intentional and thoughtful design processes. Behind strokes of luck lie careful planning, strategic decisions, and a deep understanding of the elements at play.

Consider a well-executed business strategy, a groundbreaking invention, or a seamless user interface. While luck may play a role in unforeseen circumstances, the residue of design—careful planning, innovation, and calculated decisions—is what transforms these ventures into successes.

This perspective encourages us to view luck not as a random force but as a byproduct of our deliberate actions. It prompts a reevaluation of the role of intentionality in various aspects of life, reminding us that the more purposeful and strategic our designs, decisions, and endeavors are, the greater the likelihood that luck will favor us in unexpected and positive ways.

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