The phrase “A camel is a horse designed by committee” paints a vivid picture of the challenges inherent in collaborative decision-making. In this metaphor, a sleek and efficient horse is contrasted with the peculiar and compromise-laden characteristics of a camel.

When decisions are made collectively, represented by the term “committee,” the metaphor suggests that the outcome may resemble a camel—unique and functional in its own way, but lacking the elegance and simplicity associated with a horse.

The image of a camel, with its humped back and distinctive features, symbolizes the result of compromises and diverse influences. It implies that the input from various stakeholders can lead to a solution that attempts to please everyone but may fall short of the clarity and efficiency of a well-designed outcome.

The metaphor serves as a humorous yet insightful critique of design by consensus, highlighting the potential pitfalls of trying to accommodate too many divergent opinions. It encourages reflection on the balance between incorporating diverse perspectives and maintaining a clear, cohesive vision in the design process.

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